Immigrant Assistance

A Legacy of Immigrant Assistance 

Each year, thousands of people are forced to leave their countries of origin seeking refuge from desperate conditions. During these difficult times, people have looked to be helped – one by one, family by family – by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Chicago.


Since 1911, HIAS Chicago has been a leader in the community, assisting people through the immigration process. Through its caring, knowledgeable staff and proud partnership with Jewish Child & Family Services, HIAS Chicago helps Jewish people and others in need settle in the United States.


Visit HIAS Chicago (or call 312.357.4666) for a broad spectrum of pre-and post-migration services in a number of areas, including:

  • Family-based Immigration Services
  • Green Card Assistance
  • Citizenship Assistance
  • Holocaust Survivor Assistance
  • Finding Family: Location Assistance Service
  • Advocacy on Behalf of Immigrants
  • Scholarships
  • Green Card Lottery

Learn more at HIAS Chicago or call 312.357.4666.