Maintaining Adoption Connections

We provide support services to ensure a successful adoption.
We look at family strengths and provide support services to ensure a successful adoption.

Meet MAC, a Resource for Adoptive Families 

Adoptive parents are no different than other parents: They want the best for their children, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their success. Yet, adoptive parents can face unique challenges with children who may have a history of trauma or loss, or may be challenged by attachment or behavior issues. Adoptive parents don’t need to wrestle with these challenges in the dark, in solitude or in shame. Instead, they can turn to the JCFS program Maintaining Adoption Connections, or MAC, which taps into abundant resources that provide adoptive families with support, strength and solutions.

Post-Adoption Resources from MAC 

For families living in our service area, MAC’s experienced staff members identifies family strengths and needs, and works to address any gaps by recommending services such as home-based, individual and family therapy, grief counseling or mentoring programs.  When necessary, MAC can serve as a court, school or community advocate, or can intervene in crises.  MAC services are available in Spanish and English.

MAC Service Area 

MAC serves adoptive families who have adopted through DCFS, living in or near communities ranging from Evanston (north) to Douglas Park (south), the “Loop” (east) and Oak Park (west). 


Get Help

For information call Dieunn Young, MA, LCPC, at 312.673.2710.  This proram is only available through DCFS, for adoptive families who adopted through DCFS.