Group Homes

A Residential Program for Teens and Young Adults

JCFS Residential Program offers a supportive, confidential and empowering environment for teens and young adults whose emotional and behavioral needs merit 24 hour attention, due to abuse, neglect or chronic family conflict. 


JCFS Residential Program has adopted the Sanctuary Model because of its documented, positive outcomes for children's residential treatment. The Sanctuary Model is a state-of-the-art program to help children who have suffered severe trauma and chronic stress and have emotional, behavioral or psychiatric disorders that have prevented them from living in a foster care environment. The program provides a safe, stable home for these abused and neglected young people. It embraces them and teaches the idea that every person big or small, has a voice and should be heard.


About the Group Homes

We operate five group homes that provide the highest level of emotional therapeutic support. Our residences are supervised by a highly qualified staff of professionals or foster parents who provide a safe and stable environment. Our homes are divided into two categories, Group Homes and Aggregate Foster Homes, which are family-oriented settings headed by foster parents.


  • Rosenberg Group Home, for up to twelve girls and young women ages 12 to 21
  • Price Pregnant and Parenting Teen Group Home, for up to eight teens
  • Cummings and Talman Group Home, for boys ages 13 to 21 with both developmental disabilities and behavioral/emotional needs
  • Campbell Group Homes for girls ages 13 to 21 with both developmental disabilities and behavior/emotional needs 


Each of our homes is located in the West Rogers Park community in Chicago, and treats children and adolescents with a wide range of clinical disorders, including mood disorders, ADHD, and oppositional behaviors, sometimes combined with developmental disabilities. Each home has a master’s level clinician who provides individual, group and family therapy when appropriate. We also assume an advocacy role within the larger systems, which affect the children and their families. We strive to provide multidisciplinary care, as each resident’s medical, educational, psychiatric and recreational needs are assessed and met through a combination of community and JCFS resources.


We receive financial support to subsidize the placement of Jewish children who need residential care. In addition, we accept appropriate referrals for residents with funding from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Illinois Department of Human Services and Illinois State Board of Education.


Get Help

For information contact Jessica Forsythe, Coordinator of Intake, at 773.467.3713.