Social Opportunities

Susan loves hanging out with her friends and enjoying fun activities such as bowling, attending concerts, stepping up to the mic at Karaoke night and celebrating Jewish holidays. She also enjoys spending time with her buddy Rachel and her boyfriend Steve, who proclaims that he can’t imagine life without her. Her life is not much different from any other young Jewish adult, except that Susan is an adult with a development disability. But, Susan doesn’t let her “difference” get in the way of leading an active and productive social life, thanks to the Yad B’ Yad program. 


About Yad B’ Yad 

Adults with mild disabilities often feel isolated from their community or have difficulty building friendships, even when they live independently or with minimal support. Yad B' Yad is a volunteer program that brings together Jewish young adults, ages 18-35, with developmental disabilities or learning disabilities, and Jewish young adult volunteers, in social settings. Together, these pairings take part in monthly social, cultural and religious activities and events. And they form lasting relationships that benefit both the participants and the volunteers.  

New Opportunity

We are developing a new social program for Jewish adults with developmental or learning disabilities ages 35-60. During a time in life when fewer social opportunities exist for adults with disabilities, this program, like Yad B'Yad, will assist adults in making friendships and connections through monthly outings and activities.

Get Involved

Yad B’ Yad is a partnership of the Northwestern Fiedler Hillel and JCFS. If you are interested in attending monthly events or volunteering, contact Meredith Sices, LCSW at 773.467.3813 or email