Education and Support Groups

The Jewish Center for Addiction: Prevention, Help and Hope offers community awareness, sobriety support, spiritual programs and professional...

Support and education groups for adults coping with job loss, marriage and divorce, aging and other life transitions and challenges.

We offer community education courses on a range of topics for those who want to enhance their understanding of issues that affect people with...

JCFS offers Psychoeducational Groups for Adults

JCFS has many support groups and education programs to help you and your family deal with grief, loss and addiction.

JCFS offers support groups on parenting skills and for parents dealing with issues of loss and raising special needs children.

Address individual and relationship issues by addressing feelings and communication in a group setting.

Helping families in transition establish new equilibrium  

Sibshops offer support for children who have siblings with disabilites engaging them in discussion and recreation.

Providing support groups and programs for children to help them develop social skills.