Consultation for Organizations

Jewish Child & Family Services provides Outreach and Consultation services for schools, synagogues and community centers and more, to enhance the programs of community-based organizations by providing extensive on-site clinical consultation, education and support to directors and teachers schools, summer day camps and Jewish Community Centers, among others.


JCFS outreach and consultation are primary prevention services.  By collaborating with program directors, JCFS clinicians emphasize early identification of at-risk children and teens, looking for identifiable risks such as physical, cognitive, developmental, emotional and behavioral problems and disabilities. Once students have been identified, program directors and JCFS clinicians work together to create an optimal environment for child development.


“Having a JCFS clinician present in the preschool is absolutely critical.  It naturalizes the process of seeking help early when problems are small. There is no comparison between programs with clinical support and those without.”

Tammie Roth, Director of the Paul and Sylvia Steinberg Preschool at NSS Beth El


The range of JCFS Outreach and Consultation services includes:

Classroom Observation

If a teacher is unclear about whether a child needs special services, JCFS clinicians help address parent and teacher concerns by observing the child in the classroom and providing recommendations.  

Preparation for and Facilitating Parent Conferences

While the preschool is often the first place a behavior problem or a developmental delay is identified, it can be challenging to discuss the need for additional services with parents. JCFS clinicians can help teachers and director prepare for this important conference.  

Brief Screening

In complex situations, the JCFS clinician works collaboratively with the parents and the school to provide an initial screening of the child, which will help facilitate referral to appropriate resources for the child.  

Referral and Linkage to Community Resources

The JCFS clinician’s extensive knowledge about community resources expedites the family’s linkage to outside organizations and support groups.  

Parent Educational Programs

To help parents understand arising challenges, the JCFS consultant offers time-limited programs for parents on innovative topics.  

In-Service Training for Teachers 

With topics ranging from child development to team building, training workshops can positively impact the teaching environment.

Crisis Intervention

JCFS clinicians help guide parents, teachers and children in crisis toward a tailored solution.  

Program Consultation to the Director

The JCFS consultant offers a place for directors receive professional support and share their concerns and issues.


Get Help

For information on finding the right consultant for your organization, call toll-free, 855-ASK-JCFS (855-275-5237) or email today.