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Jewish Child & Family Services, through its Center for Practice Excellence and Jewish Community Emergency Resiliency Team (J-CERT), offers conferences, workshops and training for professionals, staff, students and the community in mental health, developmental pediatrics, special education, social work, medicine and law. J-CERT specifically supports Jewish organizations and communities in their efforts to be proactive in their emergency planning or “readiness” when responding to, handling and recovering from crises.


Childhood Stress and Trauma: Understanding the Shifting Impact Across the Stages of Development

October 13, 2015

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Stress and trauma impact children in the present and across their development. In order to help children with a history of traumatic stress heal and grow, the adults caring or working with them need a deep understanding of how trauma changes a child and impacts the child's behavior and perspective.


This session is intended to help participants:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the biological and psychological impact of stress and trauma on a child in the present and across the lifespan
  • Understand the underpinnings of behavioral challenges in children with a history of childhood stress and trauma
  • Recognize the potential interplay between trauma, ADHD, and other mental health concerns
  • Explore what can be done to help children with a history of trauma and stress heal and build a good life


Reintegrating the Body, Mind and Spirit - Trauma, Resilience and Holistic Survivor Advocacy

November 3, 2015

9 am - 2 pm


This multifaceted workshop will explore innovative practices in sexual violence recovery from various lenses, including; a survivor's testimonial on holistic healing, a panel interview with a team of trauma-informed, healing arts practitioners, and insights as to how the healing arts can serve as a natural complement to existing advocacy response systems.


This session is intended to help participants:

  • Understand the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual impacts of sexual violence
  • Learn about the physiology of trauma and its influence on resilience
  • Identify various post-traumatic symptoms that alternative healing methods treat
  • Examine core beliefs of the healing arts and how they translate to trauma recovery
  • Explore what it means to provide trauma-informed care in a variety of contexts
  • Discover the benefits of integrating holistic healing methods into advocacy support


Effectively Addressing Aging and Substance Use

December 4, 2015
9 am - 12 pm


Substance use impacts older adults differently than younger age groups. Whether due to ageism, lack of education and training, or working in systems that minimally support assessment and treatment efforts, professionals across all service areas frequently overlook substance use in aging or do not know how the most appropriate, effective ways to intervene.


This interactive session will provide participants with tools, techniques and examples to:

  • Understand the unique characteristics of older adults and the need for age-appropriate interventions for a continuum of substance use problems
  • Practice the older adult Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) model for identifying at-risk use of alcohol and psychoactive medications
  • Learn effective brief intervention strategies to use with at-risk older adults
  • Recognize the connection between present and lifelong stressors/losses and substance use problems
  • Learn effective interventions to use with older adults who have mild, moderate or severe alcohol and/or psychoactive medication use disorders

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