JCFS Launches 2013-2016 Strategic Plan

500 hours.  130 people.  14 drafts.  8 months.  1 Strategic roadmap to the future.


The JCFS Board of Directors recently approved a three-year strategic plan which provides a firm direction for the agency, positioning JCFS to be “the best connection to innovative care delivered in the communities where people live, work, worship, and learn.” 130 JCFS stakeholders – board, staff, funders, policymakers – had input into the process. By 2016, JCFS will work to address current and emerging needs in the Jewish community, ensure that our service mix is aligned with JCFS mission and core competencies, diversify revenue, leverage community partnerships, be a strong policy advocate, and train the highest quality workforce.


“JCFS has continuously evolved through the years to meet the changing times and needs of our communities,” says Howard Sitron, President and CEO of JCFS.  “From the former Home for Jewish Orphans to our current child welfare programs, from the original soup kitchen of the 1800's to programs today offering financial counseling, JCFS has changed as our constituent's challenges have changed.  This plan guides us on the next phase of this ongoing journey.”


The JCFS vision continues as the first and best connection to trusted, innovative care, with a more focused emphasis on delivering services in the communities where people live, work, worship and learn.  Growing partnerships with schools, synagogues and community organizations will expand the reach and positive impact of programs by more fully integrating into the fabric of our daily lives.


Wendy Siegel of Millennia Consulting facilitated the strategic planning process, which began early in 2012 with an internal analysis of the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the agency.  A Strategic Planning Committee consisting of JCFS professionals and board members also conducted phone interviews with external stakeholders, including academics, policy makers, funders, employers and government officials practicing in fields related to the work of the agency.  Our purpose was to fully understand current and emerging trends in these fields to inform the future direction of the organization.


“This is a living, breathing strategic plan,” says Sitron.  “We invite you to stay involved and connected as we work to continuously identify and respond to the current and emerging needs across the Jewish community.”


Questions? Comments? Contact Dana Rhodes, JCFS Director of Strategy, Planning and Grants at danarhodes@jcfs.org