Janice smiles as she watches her grandson score the winning goal for his team. Of course she’s proud of his accomplishments. What grandmother wouldn’t be? But in this case, she knows that Jeremy’s success is due in great part to the professional help he received as a preschooler through the JCFS IPI program which identified his delayed speech issues and helped him develop so that he could start kindergarten with the rest of his friends. Janice has a modest retirement income so she can’t make more than a small donation to JCFS each year, but she has left a bequest in her will so that her support for JCFS will be there beyond her lifetime.


A bequest is a simple statement in your will or trust

I leave (dollar amount or percentage of my estate) to Jewish Child & Family Services Endowment Foundation.

  • There is no minimum amount. It could be $50 or $1000 or $100,000.
  • The amount could be a percentage of your estate. Even 1% of a small estate would be a welcome gift to JCFS.
  • You can also leave property as a bequest – stock, a car, even a home.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your attorney or financial adviser about the and other ways you can continue to support JCFS beyond your lifetime. For more information or to schedule a conversation, please contact Barbara Chandler, Development Associate for Endowments, 312.673.3211 or email Barbara Chandler at



The Jewish Child and Family Services Endowment Foundation was created in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago’s Agency Endowment Program, which was established to ensure that JCFS and our sister agencies have the necessary resources to meet growing and evolving Jewish community needs. All commitments to the Agency Endowment Foundation are recognized as gifts to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign.