Therapeutic Day School

Ethan's story

Ethan came to the JCFS Therapeutic Day School (TDS) after expulsion from his neighborhood high school. He was a defiant teen, exerting a strong negative influence on his peers and clashing with his parents. Ethan simply couldn’t grasp how his angry outbursts affected others. Through the patience, consistency and therapeutic supports offered by the TDS staff, Ethan was soon better able to relate to his peers, teachers, and family. His classmates, no longer threatened by Ethan, elected him to lead the student council.

Did You Know?


JCFS has a Back-to-School-Drive


For some children, new backpacks, basic school supplies, are an uncertainty. Children growing up in the state’s child welfare system such as foster care or group homes, families with a child with a disability who face overwhelming medical bills, families who live with poverty…for these children and families starting the school year on the right foot may be out of reach.


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