Financial Counseling

Dan's Story

Dan had a modest but steady income as a car salesman until the dealership closed. Dan lost his job and the family health care coverage that he and his wife rely on for their son’s chronic asthma. Burdened by medical bills and falling deeper into debt, Dan met with a JCFS financial counselor, who assisted him in enrolling his children in a free health insurance program and helped him to create a realistic monthly budget. Over the next six months his counselor helped him secure affordable housing, with JCFS providing the security deposit. The family is now feeling stable and secure.

Did You Know?


JCFS has a Back-to-School-Drive


For some children, new backpacks, basic school supplies, are an uncertainty. Children growing up in the state’s child welfare system such as foster care or group homes, families with a child with a disability who face overwhelming medical bills, families who live with poverty…for these children and families starting the school year on the right foot may be out of reach.


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