Resources for Jewish Day Schools

Resources for Jewish Day Schools
Jewish Day School students receive high quality, specialized services when needed.

Amassing the resources of nearly two dozen Jewish day schools and non-profit agencies, REACH is a program that addresses the challenge of educating children with educational disabilities, social and emotional problems, and health concerns.


REACH – Resources for Educational Achievement, Collaboration and Health – raises the capacity of Jewish day schools by helping them to provide students with high-quality, specialized services that are administered, implemented and funded in a coordinated, strategic fashion.


REACH was developed by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, along with Jewish Child & Family Services, Sinai, Associated Talmud Torahs and the Community Foundation for Jewish Education in response to a challenge by the Michael Reese Health Trust to create a sustainable and more comprehensive infrastructure for providing specialized services in the Jewish day schools. 

REACH services include: 

  • professional development
  • diagnostic testing
  • consultation services
  • information and referrals
  • therapeutic services
  • differentiated curricula
  • health, nutrition and mental health services

These services are each adapted and administered to meet the varying needs, cultures, and ideologies of the day schools and the families they serve.


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