Sexual Abuse Prevention

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Project Shield works in partnership with the community to build safe, healthy Jewish relationships and families by heightening awareness and providing education about child sexual abuse.

Information, Referral and Consultation

Project Shield provides confidential support, guidance and referral information to child abuse and molestation victims, parents, friends and family members, rabbis, principals and teachers and others. Call the Project Shield Help Line (847.745.5405), Monday-Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm and Friday, 9 am - 2 pm.

Parent Education 

Project Shield's individualized and group educational opportunities help parents learn how to comfortably talk with children of all ages about protecting themselves.  

Partnership for Safe Communities

The Partnership for Safer Communitites Initiative is a group of programs that offer consultation and support for schools, synagogues, camps and other institutions and institutional leadership with a goal of building overall health and wellness.

Safer Synagogues/Shuls

Safer Synagogues/Shuls engages congregational leadership - clergy, professional and lay - in learning and discussion about the impact of abuse across the lifespan, improving congregant's access to support, and coordinated community strategies that perpetuate healthy, peaceful homes, families and relationships. Click here for more details.

Safer Schools

Safer Schools is targeted to Orthodox Jewish Day Schools. Administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students engage in education and training about healthy relationships, handling accusations or disclosures of unhealthy or unsafe behavior, and corresponding legal responsibilities. Click here for more details.

Safer Camps

Safer Camps supports Jewish day and overnight camp administration and counselors by heightening their understanding of the signs and symptoms of child abuse and molestation, establishing healthy boundaries, responding to disclosure or suspicions of unhealthy behaviors, and mandated reporting laws. Click here for more details.

Resource Library

Project Shield’s lending library offers children, adults, professionals, and families a wide array of books and materials. 


For more information, contact Rachel Zimmerman, Project Shield Coordinator ( or 847.745.5405).